New Work

Here are some boards I did for Evil Eye Pictures.

     Here is an assignment I did for my visual storytelling class, the assignment was to show struggle in 8 panels.

Fight! Fight!
   Latest assignment, we were given an image and asked what happens next, here is my interpretation.

The Sun is Going Down
  Here are a few thumbnails for an assignment, I had.  Basically, we could come up with whatever story we wanted and turn that story into an animated short.

Bus Stop
  For this assignment, we were asked to tell a story at a bus stop in 5 panels.

Knights & Dragons

    I thought I would share another assignment with you guys.  We were all given a script in class and asked to board it out and pitch it.  Here is just a rough pass at what I'v done so far.

Red Riding Hood
  One more class project, we were asked to redo the story of Little Red Riding Hood. (still a work in progress)

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